Test Results

All your GP test results will now show on the NHS app or website in your GP health records.

Your test results may include a breakdown of your investigations, including your results, normal ranges, results history, etc.

You may also find comments from the clinician regarding your test results on the app.

Please do not be alarmed if something doesn’t look right with your results. If you are unsure, you can book a review with a clinician to discuss your test results. If there is anything urgent, we will always contact you first.

If you are unable to use the NHS app or website, you can request your test results from us online using a secure form. Click here.

If your test results are normal and/or do not require any further follow up, we will not contact you.

If something is not right, we will be in touch to book you an appointment. We may contact you by telephone, text message or letter.

When it comes to booking your review, most of the time this would be a routine appointment. Routine appointments are up to 28 days in advance when available.

If there is something more urgent that requires action sooner, the clinician would contact you directly by telephone.

Please make sure your contact details are up-to-date.