Sick Notes

To get a sick note, you will have to book a routine appointment with any doctor to discuss your symptoms. Please note, routine appointments can be up to 28 days in advance when available.

If you have been off work for more than 7 consecutive days (including days you do not usually work, such as weekends and bank holidays), your employer will likely ask you for a sick note from a healthcare professional as evidence for this.

Sick notes are not just for signing people off work, however can be used to help people return to work with certain considerations, such as:

  • A phased return to work.
  • Altered hours.
  • Amended duties.
  • Workplace adaptations.

The GP does not do a sick note for the first 7 days of your sickness. You would have to complete a self-certification form online. To access this form, click here.

If you are unable to access this form, you can print and complete a form which you then hand to your employer. To view this form, click here.

We can provide printed versions of this form for you at reception.