New Patients

If you would like to become one of our patients, you can now register with our practice online by clicking here.

If you cannot complete the form online, you can collect and complete a registration form at recepetion.

You no longer need photo ID to register with a GP practice.

New patient registration applications can take up to 2 weeks. We recommend that newly registered patients have a consultation within 6 months of registering to ensure we have the opportunity to offer relevant and suitable care.

Please make sure you have read the practice booklet before joining the practice. To view our practice booklet, click here.

All registered patients must have a named accountable GP since April 2015. The named GP is largely a role of oversight. It reassures patients they have one GP who is responsible for their care. You do not have to see your named GP. You can choose to see any doctor or clinician in the practice when you book an appointments. If you wish to see your named GP, we will do what we can to fulfil your request.

If you would like to find out who your named GP is, you can ask anyone at the practice. This will also show on any printed prescriptions you receive from us.

If you would prefer to have a different named GP than the one you are currently allocated, please contact the practice in writing or by email to the practice manager.

The catchment area for this practice is set out in this map.

You can use this map to search your postcode and see if you are within our catchment area if you are unsure.

For your benefit, we ask that patients (especially children and vulnerable patients) who do not live in the catchment area, or move outside our catchment area, to re-register at a more local practice. This is to ensure you are given accessible healthcare opportunities and do not face a barrier with transport/travel.

Whilst we do still accept patients from outside of the catchment area, ou may not be eligible for home visits or local services with refer into.