Urgent appointments

The practice offers a telephone triage service for patients requiring urgent consultations with a clinician.

The receptionist will ask you a series of questions to ensure your request for an urgent appointment is appropriate, and to ensure we direct you to the most appropriate care. In these circumstances, the receptionist needs to know the reason for an urgent appointment. All of our staff are held under the same strict confidentiality rules and governance.

Where necessary, you may be requested to send photographs to us prior to calling. This is because our triage service is done by telephone initially. You will be sent a text message containing a secure link to do this.

  • A new health problem causing major disruption to your ability to do things you would normally be able to do (e.g., attend work or school).
  • A new health problem that is significantly worsening despite you following advice on how to look after it (e.g. from your care plan, a local pharmacist, or following a consultation with a clinician at the practice).
  • A health problem you have previously been advised required urgent response.
  • A health problem that, if left untreated, will cause or risk significant harm to your health.

The receptionist is unable to provide wait times for this service.

Urgent appointments are done by telephone initially. It is down to the clinician that contacts you if they require face-to-face examination. Please ensure we have your correct contact number when you call.

This service can not be demanded for non-urgent or ongoing problems. If you require same day help with a health condition that does not meet our criteria for an urgent appointment, you can contact NHS 111 for help. Alternatively, you can book an appointment for anything routine.

If you miss your callback from the clinician, it is not always possible to provide another. Therefore, you may be redirected elsewhere for appropriate care. This is an extremely busy service and need to help other patients also.