Please contact or reception team  on either 01253 344544 or 01253 951952 if you wish to book an appointment. You will  initially be asked whether the issue is routine or urgent. They may also ask for a brief description of what the appointment is for to enable them to book you with the most suitable clinician as soon as possible.

For patients who have registered for Patient Access you can book a limited selection of appointments online. Please take care to ensure that you pick a suitable clinician for the problem: read the guidance notes before booking.

Patients can also book appointments via the new myGP App, please visit for more information.

Unfortunately many appointments are wasted when patients do not attend.  If you are unable to make your appointment time, it is vital that you cancel it in good time – you can do this in person, by phone, email or text message.  Cancelled appointments can be offered to other patients who need to be seen by a clinician.

Routine appointments

You can book these in advance for convenience: our appointment diary normally runs about four weeks ahead. You can also ask to see a specific clinician: just ask if this is the case. Where you are coming back for a review of an ongoing problem we would recommend you try and see the same person as they will already be familiar with the matter.

Routine appointments are for things like the follow up of an ongoing problem, or discussion of non-urgent matters.

Telephone consultations

These are booked as an alternative to a face to face consultation but are often a convenient way to consult, especially where following up a problem. Book these via reception in the normal way, just ask for a telephone consultation.

Urgent appointments

The practice offers a triage service where patients requiring urgent attention will be dealt with the same day. This is provided by a GP and experienced nurses working together as a team. You will usually be contacted back by telephone initially and often problems can be resolved on the phone. Where necessary we will arrange for you to be seen. Do remember these appointments are strictly for emergencies only.

Urgent appointments are for:

  • A new health problem that is causing major disruption to your ability to do things you would normally be able to do
  • A new health problem that is getting significantly worse despite you following advice on how to look after it (e.g. from your care plan, a local pharmacist, or following a consultation with a clinician at the practice)
  • A problem where you have previously been given specific advice about the need to respond urgently to it
  • A problem that, if not dealt with today, will cause or risk significant harm to your health

Please note that list is extremely busy and sometimes our Clinicians will only try and call back once due to time constraints. Our receptionists will inform you of this and to keep your phone by you whilst you are waiting for the call as we cannot give you a specific time slot for the Duty List.

Video GP Consultations

We are now offering a small number of video GP consultations to patients who are eligible.  If you would like more information please contact the surgery.

Home visits

Home visits are intended for the housebound or for those too ill to travel. If you require a visit please phone 01253 344544 or 01253 951952 before 11.00am. The receptionists will ask you for brief details of the problem to assess the degree of urgency of your request. The doctor will decide if a visit is necessary by contacting you by telephone.

Please ensure your contact details are up to date. You can do this by completing the form and emailing us back. Alternatively you can fill in a form at reception.