NHS 111 | How can they help?

The NHS 111 service, online and by telephone, provides people aged 5+ years with medical help right now – this does not include emergencies. In emergencies, always dial 999.

111 can help you with many things, including:

  • Help for your symptoms or injury
  • Prescriptions or medicines information
  • Mental health help
  • Help with an existing medical condition
  • Dental help
  • COVID-19 help

Through answering a serious a questions about yourself and your condition, the 111 triage system will direct you to the most appropriate care to meet your needs. Based on the answers you provide to 111, they can:

  • Have a nurse call you back
  • Refer you to urgent care services
  • Advise you to contact your GP for a routine review
  • Refer you to your local pharmacist
  • Advise you on self-care treatment
  • Refer you to dentists and opticians.

If you can not visit the NHS 111 service, or would prefer to call them, you can dial 111.