Urgent prescriptions

Our prescription clerks and clinical pharmacist team work very hard to fulfil all your requests as best as possible. If you have failed to order your prescriptions on time, or there has been barriers such as medicine manufacturing issues, we will try our best to issue your prescription more urgently. If you require an urgent prescription, you should call either practice on 01253 344 544 or 01253 951 952.

Please note, it is not always possible for emergency prescriptions to be done on the same day based on varying factors such as public demand, time, unavailability of patient contact when requested, etc. It is important to understand that our team will work very hard to help you with these urgent requests, but sometimes it is not always possible. Do not take this out on our staff – you can find out more on our Zero Tolerance policy here.

Emergency prescriptions

The NHS 111 service can be used online or via telephone to request a limited emergency supply of medicine you have completely run out of. This must be a medicine you are prescribed regularly, through a repeat prescription. You will be charged your usual prescription fee. If you do not usually pay, it will be free.

You can not use this service to request antibiotics, treatment for new symptoms or controlled drugs which require identification to collect.

Visit the NHS 111 website for more information.