Our clinics & services

Antenatal clinic

We have our own in-house midwife, Sharon, each Friday at Bloomfield Medical Centre (main site). You need to self-refer to this service by clicking here.

Cervical screenings

Routine screenings to check the health of the cervix and help prevent cervical cancer. It’s offered to women and people with a cervix aged 25 to 64. Please bring your letter invite.

Child health surveillance

You should have your postnatal check 6 to 8 weeks after your baby’s birth to make sure you feel well and are recovering properly. Please book this with our reception team.

Childhood immunisations

Bloomfield Medical Centre (main site) on Tuesday mornings & Friday afternoons, and Grange Park Health Centre (branch site) on a Thursday morning.

Chronic disease management

Get ongoing help for your long-term health conditions by our fully trained and specialised clinical team. Including respiratory, diabetes, cardiovascular, IBS and more.

Contraception reviews

Advice on all forms of available contraception on the NHS, including regular reviews and administration of the Depo-Provera (contraception) injection and coil fittings.

Cortisone injections

We now have 2 qualified doctors who are able to provide the hydrocortisone steroid joint injections. New starts should book a double appointment to ensure it is right for them before starting the course.

Enhanced Health Checks

Similar to the NHS health check, this service additionally looks to offer further screening, vaccinations, and your mental and physical wellbeing. This is provided based on patient eligibility.

NHS health checks

A routine service offered to all patients between the age of 40 to 74 which aims to improve your health and wellbeing be preventing long term diseases as you age.

SMI physical health checks

For patients who suffer from severe mental health conditions, we provide an annual physical health check with our nurse, Sarah Watson, as part of your ongoing review.

Stop smoking clinic

Our nurse, Sandie Gough, runs a smoking cessation clinic to support those who want help stopping smoking. You are significantly more likely to quit smoking for good with our support.

Structured medication reviews

Typically, these are annual reviews carried out by one of our clinical pharmacy team to help ensure you are on the right medication, that your medicine working effectively for you, and we are preventing wasted medication.

Travel health clinic

This should be done ideally 1 month prior to travelling. Each member will have to complete a questionnaire which is to be returned to the practice. If necessary, you will be contacted for an appointment.

Weight management clinic

For patients who are wanting help with managing their weight,  our nursing team offers advice for long term, sustainable lifestyle changes to lose weight and improve their physical and emotional well-being.